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The Password Factor²

Last year we wrote about the complex security concerns facing users of on-line services, and specifically about the strength of traditional passwords. Some visitors seemed confused by the argument that length can match complexity, so we’ve decided to briefly revisit the topic today using two example passwords. As before, remember that now we’ve posted these they’re no longer safe to use as actual passwords. Continue reading

Cloudy Weather (The Celebrity Selfie Hack)

Two weeks ago, posts were made to several popular image-boards and bulletin boards claiming to be from an individual or group that had managed to “hack” certain celebrities’ cloud accounts and access files stored there. Shortly afterwards the individual(s) involved shared dozens of such files that turned out to be compromising photographs. A  percentage of the images supposedly came from the iCloud phone backup service – but was it really all down to one bad Apple? Continue reading

Not a cloud in the sky?

We’re preparing to write an article about the recent celebrity cloud hack and we’d love to hear from you about how you use cloud services in your business and what concerns this attack has raised for you and your company. Do you store client data in the cloud? What security measures do you have in place? Are you ready for an attack such as this one?

Let us know your thoughts below…

Preliminary Comment: JP Morgan Hack

There are numerous reports in the mainstream press today stating that JP Morgan and several other unnamed major banks have been the victim of a serious cyber attack. There’s a fair amount of page-filling copy being written on the matter, but very few technical details are available.

a bank losing “gigabytes” of customer data is hardly … just another day at the office

Whether the attack was initiated by Russian hackers peeved at recent political developments or simply organised criminals out to make money, a bank losing “gigabytes” of customer data is hardly something to be shrugged off as just another day at the office.

We’ll be writing a full blog entry on this tomorrow so you can learn more about cyber-security and how issues such as these effect SMEs as much as multinational corporations, so watch this space…