Infrastructure Consultancy

Website design is not our only service. Part of having a website is to get it out to the people. You need to make sure it performs exactly as expected, and make sure it offers everything your potential clients or customers could need. This is where our IT consultancy service comes in. This is a new service added that we know will help you ten-fold.

Througinfrastructure_slideh our consultancy service, we will research your website. We’ll look into your current system and assess just how well it is doing. From there, well create a full report to let you know where you need to improve upon and just what is working for you. Don’t worry; we don’t leave you on your own after that. Our team will help you make those improvements to make sure your website and systems offer everything you need to get the business you require.

And that really isn’t all! We can also help you set up your small business office. We understand businesses and businesspeople, and will utilise that knowledge to make sure your new office is just as it needs to be. Spend the time on your dream where it really matters.

Home or Small Office
From £790
For New or Existing Businesses
Full System Analysis of your Business Process
Hardware and Software Evaluation
Complete advice package including:
Work-flow Efficiency Upgrades
Software and Hardware Requirements
Business Intelligence Gathering Options
Cost projections for all recommendations
Website Analysis
From £575
For Existing Websites
Full Report On:
Accessibility Issues
Overall Design
Ease of use
Technology used to build the website
UX flow analysis
Business Intelligence Gathering Options
Cost projections for all recommendations